Who is NCM for?

NCM is for any Naturopathic Doctor that is committed to providing excellent clinical care to their patients! Our practitioners include everyone from new grads to those looking to enter into the area of evidence informed practice to those who are just longing for a ND community to collaborate with on tricky cases. 

What is the structure of the mentorship?

I am committed to combating theoretical courses! Each week you will be provided with a recorded lecture that corresponds with the condition of the week. This lecture includes both the evidence for certain treatment interventions and recently pathology updates as well as clinical pearls. This is why I call it evidence informed practice, because something things are really effective even though the evidence is sparse! I have focused on making these videos action packed and do not repeat basic diagnostic criteria that we have heard 1000 times!

The second part of each weeks content is a live group call held on Wednesday mornings. In this call we review any questions from the recorded lecture and then dive into case analysis. Each participant will get to present at least one lecture and receive feedback from the group. Most of our past practitioners said that they learned as much if not more from the weekly live calls as they did from the content! 

How do I get the group discounts?

In an effort to even further combat clinician isolation, I offer group discounts when joining in a group of three. This is to encourage you to form a ‘study group’ and have colleagues to discuss the weeks teachings, hold each other accountable and to chat about how to apply what we discuss to patients. This is also meant to help you create a clinician support circle far beyond the teachings of the course!

Are you registered for CE credits?

NCM counts towards your category B credits (CONO) but is not registered for Category A. The reason for this is that we talk about specific brands, dosages and other clinically valuable information that is introducing bias in the eyes of the regulatory boards. Upon speaking with past participants they felt that it was more valuable to have this precise information than it was to have CE credit registration. 

What if I have a case question outside of my assigned week?

We will always do our best to support your questions and we generally have time each week to explore time sensitive concerns. I also have a limited number of ‘office hours’ throughout the program that allows for one on one case discussion.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer a one time payment of $1500 (or $1200 if you join in a group of three) or three payments of $550 ($440 in a group of three).

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