Hey there! I’m Sarah Wilson, ND, Author, Researcher, Speaker and creator of Naturopathic Clinical Mentorship!

I am on a mission to help NDs achieve excellence in their clinical practices so that their patients and their businesses thrive!

NCM provides:

  • Evidence based women’s health treatments
  • Advanced diagnostics and laboratory application
  • Weekly live case analysis 
  • Interactive group video calls

This is not another theory based course!

Engage on in-depth analysis on the latest research and life enhancing protocols to help your patients get better.

Transform your patient experience!

Busy practices are built on patient results, not business skills!

Our #1 jobs are making people better and this course gives you everything you need to get people well, confidently!

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Finally, feel confident about your practice!

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of being solely responsible for a patient’s care?
  • Do you lack confidence in your ability to manage a patient through the ups and downs of chronic conditions? (Without questioning your worth as a doctor?!)
  • Do you feel lost about where to start in the management of complex women’s health conditions?
  • Most of all, do you wish you had the support of a mentor to walk you through efficient, effective and profitable practice and patient management?

You are not alone!

As a busy Naturopathic Doctor, researcher, author and coach I have heard from countless practitioners that they feel isolated and alone and they long for the supportive mind of a group.

Many practitioners have expressed to me that they feel like they can get patients in the door but don’t know what to do to get them better and keep them coming (with friends) after that.

Even more practitioners have said they just don’t know where to start! How do you set up consults? What do you do in them? How can you confidently communicate and whatsmore is where do you start in your research process?!

Finally, one of the biggest concerns I hear is what do you do when the basics don’t work?

What People Are Saying

"I highly recommend this course! It has seriously changed the trajectory of my naturopathic practice. As a new grad this course helped build my confidence, teach me everything from the basics (how to research, intake forms, managing visits, interpret lab results...) to how to diagnose and treat a variety of challenging conditions. I finally feel that I have the tools I need to go forward and grow a successful practice where I can have major impact in people's lives. It was worth every penny!"

- Michelle

"This course is a godsend! As my practice gets busier I use it more and more and am accessing the content from the course and our live calls weekly!"

- Molly

"This program has been instrumental in my building both my confidence and skill set as a new ND. Learning when and how to use advanced testing and treatment options that are supported by research and clinical evidence has provided so much value to my practice. Our monthly calls are incredibly helpful to work through challenging cases and, and have allowed me to feel confident in presenting my patients with the best possible treatment options."

- Maryellen

What is the Naturopathic Clinical Mentorship?

After seeing upwards of a 1000 patients and spending years in the medical research I am bringing you my best. NCM programs are intended to provide ACTIONABLE and PERSONALIZED support for your challenging patient cases. Unfortunately getting thrown into clinical practice often doesn’t represent what you see in a one patient, one diagnosis text book situation. This is intended to bridge that gap.

We focus on advanced management strategies for conditions with an emphasis on helping patients understand their conditions and FEEL a difference rapidly. Each session will also include a live group coaching call in which a practitioner brings forward a case to get support with. This allows everyone to contribute and learn a variety of different treatment options that they can then take into their practices.

In addition to group support for the member’s cases I will also be bringing some of my most challenging clinical cases, breaking down exactly how I maneuvered my way through diagnosis and treatment.

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