Are you treating endometriosis with hormone modifying treatments? Research has now shown pretty conclusively that endometriosis is an inflammatory condition that is affected by hormones, not a predominantly hormone driven state. Additionally, in women with endometriosis their local pelvic hormone levels will often be different than their systemic levels. In this video, I explore how we are going wrong in the treatment of endometriosis and how to think differently about it.

Weight Loss

Weight loss, love it or hate it, we all see a lot of it in our practices! Is calories in, calories out the answer though? It is definitely not the whole story and if you have ever seen a patient exercising, eating 1500kcal per day and still not losing weight then you know this to be true. Weight loss is a hormonal event! This is something that we seem to be forgetting and there are specific things that you can do to help your weight loss resistant patients. In this video I talk about the 5 key factors that you need to address to support these patients and get them out of the cycle of frustration and body shame.


Probiotics seem to be the answer to everything! But did you know that you can actually be doing harm if you are giving the wrong probiotic in the wrong way? Probiotics modulate the immune system, affect other bacterial species in the gut and can actually contribute to the worsening of certain overgrowths. We definitely need to be taking these more seriously and in this video I am discussing how to consider probiotic use differently and where we are going wrong.

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