Troubleshooting your difficult patient cases with Dr. Sarah Wilson, ND. on March 29, 2021.

How often have you had those days where you gave a patient a plan, you were so excited to see their progress and then they come back in to tell you that nothing has changed?

Then you start to question yourself, your protocols, your worth as a doctor.

It happens to all of us but with a streamlined troubleshooting formula (and with protocols that reproducibly work) you can remain confident and move seamlessly into your next step. This is what I want for every practitioner!

What we will cover in this interactive workshop:

👉 The foundations of health

👉 How to recognize your patients core physiological imbalances

👉 A step by step system to understand how, when and where to pivot when things are going astray

👉 Case examples to help you see everything in action.

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