If you have not been doing telemedicine then this time can feel incredibly stressful and overwhelming! You may be wondering what tech you need and how regulations work in order to stay compliant in Ontario. Below you will find information on both to get you started. Also, don’t forget to check out the Systems section below as you will need a new system for taking care of virtual patients! 

In my experience, the most critical part of starting to offer telemedicine is communication. Patients don’t know what telemedicine is! Is it phone or video? What happens if my internet doesn’t work? What about seeing my labs, getting protocols or supplements? Answering these questions in advance can ease fears and help your patients feel comfortable getting the help they need during this time. I highly recommend making a video tutorial explaining everything in an easy to reference place on your website. 

Where can you learn more? 

Meghan Walker has done a series of videos about getting your business online. OAND and Sylvi Martin also have great resources. For those feeling overwhelmed I have listed the ones relating specifically to telemedicine below. 

Townhall on regulations https://www.facebook.com/meghanwalkerhall/videos/10156486388035904/

Technology and Virtual Processes


Sylvi Martin has been a leader in our industry on regulations and maintaining compliance. Her course is here. 

Sylvi Martin’s course on telemedicine and regulations https://www.healthproceo.com/courses/thevirtualnaturopath 

The OAND has been trying to keep up with the regulation and government assistance programs as well as to advocate for NDs going through COVID-19 based regulatory changes. 

Login to find the webinar they did called Your New Telepractice Reality: How to Stay Compliant

Login to find the webinar they did called Your New Telepractice Reality: How to Stay Compliant