Systems, we all have them, we all love them when they work but no one loves documenting and tracking them! Systems sound daunting but they simply involve documenting every single thing in your business that is repeated over and over again. This creates efficiency, allows for constant improvement but most importantly creates a consistent experience in your business. We have all been places where you have been offered a beverage, welcomed and made to feel special, only to return and barely feel noticed. This inconsistency makes it hard for people to want to return, subconsciously not knowing what they will walk into, but it also makes it hard to refer to! 

Consistency and systems apply not only to your administrative staff but very importantly your visits. Again, if you have a patient who refers all of their friends for a certain test that you provide in house and only a few are offered it and the rest have to ask, or worse, leave disappointed. Now this is totally preventable, we get busy, don’t have support staff ready, or truly don’t think it is indicated. That is where asking patients what they are hoping for from the visit and streamlining systems is key. 

Systems to consider making:

  • Patient booking
  • Welcome
  • Return visit
  • Keeping in touch between visits or after they have improved
  • In house testing
  • Lab result documentation and processing
  • Ordering supplies and supplements
  • Shipping 
  • Beginning and end of day
  • Inventory 
  • Accounting
  • Hiring, firing and onboarding
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Content creation
  • Research 
  • So much more!

Books discussing systems:

The E Myth Revisted- Michael Gerber

Clockwork- Mike Michalowicz