My favorite products (no affiliation) 

**Please note: this is not a protocol nor does it constitute medical advice. Please seek professional advice before taking any supplement.


Valerian complex (Mediherb)- 1 cap twice per day

Pascoflair (Pascoe) – 1 cap 1-2 times per day

Calm Pro (Bioclinic)- as needed up to 6 per day

Relax Matrix/ Relax Max (Cytomatrix/Xymogen)- 1 scoop 2-3 times per day

B6- 250mg short term

Lavender- 80mg twice per day

Stress Calm Px (Restorative)- 1 cap twice per day

Cortisol and adrenal anxiety

ADR Px balance (Restorative) – 2 caps in the morning

Cortalign (Bioclinic) – 1-2 caps afternoon and evening

Phosphatidylserine- 100mg 2-3 times per day

Burn out

Adreset (Metagenics)- 2 caps per day in the morning

Focus Plus (Pure) – 2 caps twice per day for dopamine support

Adrenal glandulars- 100-300mg per day

Green Tea/ EGCG- 500mg twice per day