Wow life has changed in the last little while, hasn’t it? Our practices have changed, kids and partners are home, we are isolated and uncertain. With this comes a massive stress response and a sense of overwhelm but it also holds with it a glimmer of hope. It can be hard to capitalize on it right now but there is a hope of working ON not just IN your business. There is a hope that you can use this time productively and come back better and stronger than ever. 

Before you object though, this information is not intended to help you rake in the cash, or to help me to grow my business. It is about inspiring you to support your patients, getting them amazing results and providing them with an amazing health experience that does not burn you out in the process!

I put together this collection of resources because the overwhelm is real right now, and our stress responses are preventing action taking! My schedule has been full of high performing practitioners who are just feeling collapsed in the face of this crisis and instead of providing this to each individual I am putting it one place for all to have.

Before we can get into the ‘work’ we have to calm our stress responses to allow our brains to function. We need to do the work on ourselves!

Please use and share this ever growing list of resources. It can act as a to-do for those who are overwhelmed and need to stop researching and start taking action. It can also provide bits and pieces of information and be a one stop shop to see what the movers and shakers in our industry are sharing. 

Take care of yourselves and reach out if you need anything!