• Streamline learning.
  • Make evidence informed decisions.
  • Personalized case by case education and feedback.
  • Accountability to apply your knowledge and build your practice faster!

As a ND it can feel like there are endless tasks on our to do lists! We have to run our own businesses, get patients, take care of our patients, keep up with continuing education, stay abreast of the latest treatments and trends (because patients will always be asking) and be present partners, parents and friends! Clinician burnout and isolation are very real and growing epidemics and I am determined to put an end to them. 

AWT is the program for you if you are wanting to stay up to date on the latest evidence in women’s health conditions and also incorporate the vast clinical knowledge of your colleagues. The ND community has so much to share and my mission is to help the profession thrive by bringing clinicians together to grow, learn and support each other.

AWT is a 14 week course that goes beyond the basics to help you to manage cases when the basics just aren’t working. We cover the latest research for natural therapies and select prescription applications. 

In addition to each weekly topic we have a live group call to discuss any questions and dive into a complex patient case. 


  • Efficient and effective patient research (even when you don’t have an institution login!)
  • Complex case group challenges and live discussions
  • Lab testing 101
  • Foundations of health and DIS-ease
  • Weight loss resistance
  • Hashimoto’s and advanced thyroid management
  • Thyroid hormone prescribing
  • PCOS- different types and treatments
  • Evolving understanding of endometriosis
  • Functional hormonal testing and prescribing
  • Preconception education
  • Pregnancy, labour and postpartum 
  • Complex digestive cases and autoimmune management

Bonus modules include key business strategies, the functional patient history, patient management & KPIs and much more!

Each week you can expect to set aside 1-2hrs for the recorded class and 1-2 hrs for the live call. Sessions will vary in length depending on the topic. Miss a week? All live calls are recorded and the course is available to you for 3 months after the completion of the live components.

At the end of this course you are also invited into our Monthly Professional Mastermind Group where we continue the learning and community. Let’s end clinician isolation once and for all!

Cost: $1500 or $1200 if you join in a group of three 

** This course is priced with the intention that you get a new patient each week from the content learned and then you double your investment by the end. It is totally doable and most exceed this standard!

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